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Walk and Roll to School safety, pledge document and a flyer

posted May 3, 2015, 6:39 PM by mrswebmaster millers run


It's never a bad time to review
Safe walking, biking and scootering to school practices!



Bicycle Safety

  • Always use helmets when riding bicycles. Using helmets prevents up to 88% of cyclists brain injuries.

    • Set a rule that helmets must be used on every ride and make sure it is followed for every bicycle ride.

    • Helmets should be positioned correctly and should fit snugly with the straps properly buckled.

    • Parents should always model safe behaviors and wear a helmet when riding.

  • Set limits on where children can ride based on safety.

    • Children develop judgment at different times. You know your child best.If you’re not confident that he or she is ready for busier roads, specify where and when your child is allowed to ride.

  • Teach children safe riding skills and behaviors.

    • Come to a complete stop before entering driveways, paths or sidewalks,and then look left, right and left again for bikes, cars or pedestrians.

  • More information: Sources: SafeKids Worldwide, AAP, Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute

Pedestrian Safety

  • Street-crossing

    • Children under age 10: Need supervision when crossing streets.

    • Children 10 and over and when ready: Teach and monitor street-crossing skills.

    • Look both ways for danger before and while crossing the street at the corner.

    • Walk, do not run, into the street.

  • Play

    • Never play in the road.

    • Play stops at the end of the sidewalk or yard.

    • Teach children to ask adults to get balls that go in the street.

    • More information: Source: SafeKids Worldwide Skateboard,

Scooter, In-Line Skating and Heelys Safety 

See and download the flyer and the pledge document below for more information
mrswebmaster millers run,
May 3, 2015, 6:39 PM
mrswebmaster millers run,
May 3, 2015, 6:39 PM