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Miller's Run Concerts - Important Information

posted Dec 9, 2015, 11:56 AM by mrswebmaster millers run

Miller’s Run School – U.S.D. #37

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Dear Parents,

It has been a wonderful school year with exciting learning and growing happening throughout our school.  Unfortunately we have had an untimely resignation of our Music teacher, Mr. Lindholm.  I am pleased to let you know that Caitlin Deluca our Afterschool Coordinator, who is a certified Music teacher, has agreed to take over the Music program.

Mr. Lindholm had a Holiday concert planned for December 21.  I have decided to have Ms. Deluca continue working on Mr. Lindholm’s program. We will be presenting on Friday, December 18th at 1:00 pm followed by Friday Finale. We encourage as many parents and community members to join us.

For those of our parents and community members that may not be able to join us on the 18th, we will be hosting an evening concert in the late winter. This concert will be designed by Ms. Deluca and we hope that everyone can join us then. We will keep you informed of the date and time.

Wishing you Happy Holidays!


Sikander Rashid, Principal

mrswebmaster millers run,
Dec 9, 2015, 11:56 AM