Agenda for Meeting 3/16/2015

posted Mar 9, 2015, 7:06 PM by Peter Smyth



Monday, March 16th, 2015 – 6:00 p.m.

Location: Miller’s Run School, Sheffield, VT.

  1. Call Meeting To Order

  1. Agenda Revision/Time Allocation (Add any items from previous meeting, all additions to the agenda must be made at the beginning of the meeting.

  1. Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting (Feb. 16th)

  1. Finance

  • Review/Approve Revised Budget

  1. Discuss Roof Leak

  1. Discuss Date For Budget Information Meeting

  1. Board Reorganization

  • Elect Chairperson

  • Elect Vice Chairperson

  • Elect Board Clerk

  • Hire Minutes Clerk (if necessary)

  • Authorize Signature & Alternate for Payroll & Accounts Payables (Person may be designated by the Board. If not, the Board Chair and Board Clerk or the majority of the Board must sign).

  • Elect 3 CNSU Representatives (Designate 1 Executive Committee Board Member).

  • Elect 3 L.I. Corporators (L.I. has 150 Corporators, 27 Trustees and 6 Exec. Board Members).

  • Select Truant Officer

  • Select Newspaper of Record

  • Indicate Preference for Day & Time of Monthly Meeting

8. After School Program Funding

9. Principal’s Report

10. Future Agenda Items

11. Other Business

12. Adjourn