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And please download and print the Caledonia North Stars Student-Athlete Weekly Progress Report.

An informational letter to parents is available at the bottom of the page; the text is posted below.

Also, please download and print the file entitled "survey.pdf" to voice how you feel about athletics at Miller's Run.  
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Hello parents and families of C.N.S. Basketball,

    As we prepare for our first road game, there are a few things to inform you of. It is highly recommended that players ride the bus to and from the game destinations. The bus will be depart from and return to Miller’s Run. Burke students will still ride a bus over from their own school and will join the team appointed bus.

    In the case where a player is unable to ride the bus, either to and/or from the games,  it is a requirement that they have a permission note submitted to his/her coach.  Please include on the note the date of the game, as well as what the transportation arrangements will be for the player both to and from the game.  Your player may submit this note to either their coach, their principal, or myself.

It’s important to utilize the transportation provided as much as possible, since it was specially arranged and is an expense we don’t want to waste. Traveling with the team is also a great way for the teams to bond and embrace a team mentality.

Please make the proper arrangements before any of the listed away games. Also note that the departure time to leave the visiting school is usually scheduled for roughly 7:15 and will need time to time to travel back to MRS. Note that there maybe times that buses will arrive back to MRS past the expected calculated time:

1/10/17 4:00 pm pick up at MRS going to Irasburg Village school

1/25/17 4:15 pm pick up at MRS going to Barton School

2/3/17 4:00 pm pick up at MRS going to Lowell Grade School

2/15/17 4:00 pm pick up at MRS going to Concord School

2/17/17 4:15 pm pick up at MRS going to Glover School

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Jeremiah Bias

C.N.S. Basketball Coordinator 

MRS Basketball

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