Miller’s Run School

A Safe, Responsible learning community

Our Universal Expectations

Allow Personal Space-Be Respectful-Care for the Community-Do Your Best

MRS Vision Statement: “MRS will be a welcoming and supportive community. Students will learn in a positive and respectful school that meets their diverse academic, social, and emotional needs resulting in motivated and dynamic life-long learners.”

Miller's Run is a pre-k through 8 school located in Sheffield, Vermont, comprised of students from the towns of Sheffield and Wheelock.

Miller's Run School welcomes Patrick Ham, our principal as of today, July 1, 2016
(sorry you had to give up the corner office)

photo credit: Sheffield, Vermont - Past and Present

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  • SUMMER CAMP SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION If you are interested in summer camps offered in the area, please follow this link.  Scholarships are available.
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  • SBAC Schedule Parents, Students, Staff, and others: Miller's Run began the 2016 SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment) last week as the fourth grade did two days of math testing.  The rest of ...
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  • Kindergarten Registration Notice from Miller’s Run School to Sheffield and Wheelock residents with children entering Kindergarten (5 years of age on or before August 31, 2016).   Please call Miller’s Run ...
    Posted Apr 8, 2016, 9:45 AM by mrswebmaster millers run
  • Author's Night Rescheduled Author's Night has been rescheduled to Thursday, March 3rd, at 6:00 at the Miller's Run multi-purpose room.  Illustrator Matt Gauvin will share his work, and books ...
    Posted Mar 1, 2016, 5:27 PM by Peter Smyth
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2016 8th Grade Class Trip to New York

Miller’s Run School – U.S.D. #37

A Safe, Responsible, learning community

3249 VT Rte. 122                                                                                   Telephone: 802-626-9755

Sheffield, VT  05866-9607                                                                     Fax: 802-626-4316





Dear Parents,

It has been a wonderful school year with exciting learning and growing happening throughout our school.  Unfortunately we have had an untimely resignation of our Music teacher, Mr. Lindholm.  I am pleased to let you know that Caitlin Deluca our Afterschool Coordinator, who is a certified Music teacher, has agreed to take over the Music program.

Mr. Lindholm had a Holiday concert planned for December 21.  I have decided to have Ms. Deluca continue working on Mr. Lindholm’s program. We will be presenting on Friday, December 18th at 1:00 pm followed by Friday Finale. We encourage as many parents and community members to join us.

For those of our parents and community members that may not be able to join us on the 18th, we will be hosting an evening concert in the late winter. This concert will be designed by Ms. Deluca and we hope that everyone can join us then. We will keep you informed of the date and time.


Wishing you Happy Holidays!


Sikander Rashid, Principal


Principal's Message

Miller’s Run School

A Safe, Responsible, learning community

3249 VT Rte. 122                                                                    Telephone: 802-626-9755

Sheffield, VT  05866-9607                                                      Fax: 802-626-4316


January 9, 2015

Dear Residents of Wheelock and Sheffield:

As the Principal of Miller’s Run School, I am appreciative of collaboration among students, staff, and community members to carry on the development of a vibrant learning community. As a staff we have continued our focus on educating the whole child by preparing students to be effective citizens for their local and global communities. The network of systems and supports developed over the past two years provides opportunities for all students to pursue academic excellence, while meeting their personal responsibilities in safe, fun, and creative manner. The staff at MRS has persisted in their work on aligning the curriculum with the Common Core State Standards as well as modifying the school schedule to enhance academic and social learning opportunities for all students. Whether in the classrooms, around the school, or on field trips, MRS students and staff practice effective citizenship. Some qualities of an effective citizen for the 21st century are: self-awareness, collaboration, creativity, the ability to distinguish between fact and fiction, and knowledge of, and the ability to use various forms of technology. We focus on these qualities for the optimal benefit of all our students and our community.

Our students’ learning has also included participation in various social and educational activities, such as monthly assemblies, concerts, field trips, etc. Their accomplishments beyond the classroom are numerous, with outstanding performance in Regional Middle School Bridge Building competition, K-8 participation in ‘Bully Prevention Week’, ‘Walk to School’, fire drills, evacuations, and safe school lock downs. Middle school students also volunteer instructional time in the lower grades and this school year fourth grade has partnered in learning with our pre-school students.

The general behavior of our students throughout the school is directed by the implementation of the school’s Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) Program, modeled by the school staff in an exemplary manner. The success of this program has earned Miller’s Run School statewide recognition as a Purple Ribbon winner for the second consecutive year. PBIS uses discipline data to positively reinforce appropriate behavior. This data clearly shows a significant drop in inappropriate behaviors for the past two years. PBIS behavioral education is further reinforced by two other nationally recognized programs: Developmental Design and Responsive Classroom which enable students to advocate for their individual rights while contributing to the effective development of different groupings, such as grade level, interclass, multi-grade, and school wide. The benefits of these social and emotional supports are evidenced throughout all grades as our students have shown academic gains in all assessments administered through out the school.

The staff at Miller’s Run School take our responsibility of providing our students a wholesome education seriously, demonstrated through our personal and professional behavior. We are a group of educators who have formed closed-knit professional bonds that foster individual excellence and an ability to interact positively for the optimal benefit of our students, our school, and our community. In the classrooms the lessons delivered are well prepared and differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all students. Integration of technology in all subjects and throughout all grades has been assured due to the availability of appropriate materials, resources, and staff’s willingness to train in, and employ, these tools for instructional improvement.

At the conclusion of last school year we increased teacher participation in the school improvement team from four to six teachers and met throughout the summer of 2014. The summer work of this team yielded two major changes to the students’ schedule and some changes to professional teams. One of these changes is the inclusion of a school-wide enrichment block just before lunch, enabling us to provide remedial and enrichment support to all students. The assessment data clearly shows a positive correlation to this block for student support. The second schedule change is a product of necessity and demonstrates our desire to teach students the importance of reflection.  We have created a 30 to 45 minute block called Friday Finale to reflect on the week’s learning. The last Friday Finale of the month is dedicated to school-wide assemblies, while the other Friday Finales of the month focus on class-wide or multi class-wide activities. Please be sure to visit our school website for some pictures of these activities. Changes have been made to staff’s scheduled professional development work during and after the school day. All of these changes are designed to improve the academic, social, and emotional growth of our students with maximum input from all involved in a thoughtful and organized manner. The first half of this school year has shown these changes to be prudent and productive.

Our community’s continued support has been evident throughout the year starting with a great turnout at the second annual Welcome Back Dragon’s event. Participation at music concerts has been outstanding as we pack the multipurpose room each time. Parental support throughout the school year, during fieldtrips, during Winter Activities, during projects such as third grade’s Historic Buildings Gingerbread Houses, Open House, Parent Teacher Conferences, and in every day events of the school are the backbone of our school. Our community garden is an example of our students’ community service and provides fresh vegetables at no cost to our senior citizens. We thank the staff and community members leading this great initiative. Our eighth grade students also had the great opportunity to participate in providing lunch to our senior citizens. 

It is important to recognize all individuals who contribute their personal time to volunteer for Miller’s Run School. On behalf of our students and staff, I thank you. I also thank our dedicated school board members who not only strive to meet the educational needs of all students optimally, but also do so with a sincere regard for the cost to the taxpayers. It is with this balancing act in mind that we are purposing to reduce a classroom teacher for the upcoming school year. I encourage you to attend the school board meetings on third Monday of each month at 6:00 P.M. in our school’s Art and Music Room.

We invite community members to join us for meet and greet from 7:30 A.M. to 8:30 A.M. on second Wednesday of each month as well as participating in school-wide Friday Finales. As always, I look forward to your participation in your child’s education and the operations of your school/ school district. Please contact me to share thoughts and ideas or if I can be of assistance in any way.


Sikander Rashid

MRS Vision

MRS will be a welcoming and supportive community. Students will learn in a positive and respectful school that meets their diverse academic, social, and emotional needs resulting in motivated and dynamic life-long learners.”

Miller's Run School Calendar

Asa Rexford Represents Miller's Run at Geo Bee

As the winner of the MRS Geo Bee, Asa got to compete at the state competition

 Miller's Run School Friday Finale 

Every Friday afternoon Miller's Run students and staff participate in activities that allow for reflection on the week completed and build group spirit, within grade levels and school-wide.

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